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Toggle Switch with Text using HTML and CSS

CSS Toggle Switch with Text

Here you will learn how to create a Toggle Switch with Text using CSS. Here I will discuss with you what CSS Toggle Switch is and how it can be made.

There are many tutorials on making this Toggle button on the internet but here you will find some extras. I will discuss the issues that arise when creating Toggle Switch HTML CSS. With that, I have shared all the source code here. 

But don’t worry if you are a beginner. I have shared with you the complete step-by-step tutorial on making this CSS Toggle Switch with Text.

In the meantime, I have shared a tutorial that will help you to know how to integrate this Toggle Switch with your project.

CSS Toggle Switch with Text

This type of HTML Toggle Switch is created using HTML checkboxes. Here too I used the checkbox and then designed it by CSS.

See the Pen
Gender Toggle Button
by Shantanu Jana (@shantanu-jana)
on CodePen.

As you can see, an area was first created on the webpage. Which will basically serve as the background of the checkbox button

Then there is a small button on it. In general design, the button moves from left to right when you click on that checkbox. However, in the case of this design, the position of the button does not change.

It is on the left and will be on the left after you click. However, some other changes can be seen here. Basically, this button will select either male or female. 

How To Create a Toggle Switch with Text

I used HTML CSS to create this. No JavaScript or external links are used here. Now is the time to learn step-by-step how I created Toggle Switch with Text. For this, you must have an idea about HTML CSS.

Under normal circumstances, when you open this Toggle Switch with Text, the text “male” will appear. When you click on it, that text will change to “female” text. Some changes can be seen through the animation. 

HTML code of Toggle Switch with Text

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